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More Hi Nicole, I worked in Britain in various pubs and restaurants in my 20s, a gap year that kept on going! There were plenty of travel breaks in there but I also probably worked for about eight years. I am now 35 and have heard I might qualify for some sort of British pension because of all the tax I paid. I’ve now graduated as an environmental scientist and am salary sacrificing 15 per cent of my income into super each year to catch up, so I hope I’ll have enough money to not get the pension here. How can I check on the British situation? Brett, Sutherland Great question Brett — because there are thousands of Aussies who have the same opportunity that you do. And the window for securing it cheaply is closing. Everyone who works in Britain makes what are called National Insurance contributions; since you were born after , you need 10 years of such contributions not in a row to qualify for a pension. You will now receive updates from Money Newsletter Money Newsletter Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox.

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There is no time more sacred than footy time. That amazing realization you had at work that day about how yellow is actually your favorite color? It will have to wait; keep any and all conversations to a minimum when footy is on. So excited to hang out with you tonight!

Aug 02,  · A intro to Aussie women for our two Iraqi men in Two Refugees and a Blonde: ?v=qb4vKI47XfM&list=PL-qmTgeO05v3L4CRR65etSuPgssC7VrnT.

Joke about Australian sexual practices 1 Why wasn’t Jesus born in Sydney? They couldnt find three wise men and a virgin. The wombat, because he eats, roots, and leaves. Because they have to rush back to the pub to tell their mates what happened! An Australian man will actually search for a golf ball. Joke about Australian history A pom, fresh off the plane at Sydney airport, is trying to negotiate Australian customs. Finally, when it’s his turn to get his passport stamped, the customs officer starts rattling off the usual questions:

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Recent changes to the pension system in Britain mean that Australians must now be aged at least 55 — the British preservation age for personal and workplace pensions — to transfer their pension savings to Australia. Previously, they could transfer it at any age. Eddie Jim And even when they reach 55, they probably can’t transfer the money into their existing super account because Britain has barred Australia’s biggest super funds from accepting transfers.

The tightened requirements from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs HMRC led to about Australian super funds — including major retail and industry funds — being struck off the list of funds able to receive British transfers. Just one retail fund, the Australian Expatriate Superannuation Fund, has been added to the list since the rule change.

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The firm now trading as Johnson Bros. They later took the name of Chad Valley as their registered trademark and the building was to remain as the company headquarters for over seventy years. In that same year both the Wellington and Harborne works were extended as business continued to increase. Interestingly enough they also featured Stand Nos. This may have had something to do with the fact that earlier in a bold move the Palace had been approached by Chad Valley executives for permission to produce dolls of the Royal Princesses, Elizabeth and Margaret Rose.

The Second World War resulted in production of toys being dramatically cut as the Chad Valley factories concentrated their output to the war effort with government contracts for the production of such items as wooden instrument cases and cases for use in anti-aircraft guns, hospital tables and tent poles, auto-pilots and charts. However one factory was retained by the government for toy manufacture, specialising in the production of jigsaws, chess sets, draughts and dominoes for use in military hospitals and the Forces generally.

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A lot of people don’t realise what lengths the Australian special forces will go to to get the job done. For example in the early s when the SAS was setting up their counter-terrorist capability they had no information on what the human body could tolerate as far as explosions, gas attacks, etc. Their response was to test it on themselves. Several tests involved setting off door-breaching explosives, while standing two meters away around a corner, that the army safety manual recommended be set off from a kilometer away.

Another test involved a tear-gas round for outdoor riot control that was set off inside a bus. The gas was so thick inside the bus that the troopers couldn’t see their hand held in front of them.

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Aaah, yes, those were the days when our Commonwealth status still meant more than just being able to participate in a tournament of games every two years. But sadly, since , setting foot on UK soil has become just as hard as if not harder than gaining permission to touch down in Schengen territory. So, if you’ve never been, haven’t been in the past five years or are about to go through the whole tiresome process once again, we’ve put together a little UK Visa application quick guide and a check-list to make things a slight bit easier for you.

Before 3 March South African nationals did not require a visa to enter the UK for short holidays or visits of up to 6 months. Apart from this convenience, there was also the wildly popular 2-year working holiday visa that gave local youth between the ages of 18 and 30 the perfect break from the banality of the school-study-work-marry-have kids cycle. According to reports an average of 17 young South Africans entered the UK on this visa every year between its launch in and its final termination in Why the sudden change?

Well, in what has come to be known as one of the greatest immigration security clampdowns world-wide in the past 45 years or so, the UK government decided to review their visa rules and strengthen their borders by encouraging countries with unsatisfactory passport and immigration security of their own to sharpen up or ship out of the “non-visa nationals” fold. Despite alleged warnings South Africa missed the cut-off and, along with countries like Lesotho, Swaziland, Bolivia and Venezuela, got relegated to the dreaded “Visa-nationals list.

Point-based system – Soon after these various changes took place, the UK’s visa system underwent a major overhaul, transforming it into a 5-tier points-based structure to simplify the application process. Tier 1 visa s are for eligible entrepreneurs, investors, and for the very small number of people who fit into the ‘Exceptional Talent’ visa category. Since Tier 3 visas have been discontinued, only Tier 2 for skilled workers with an offer of employment and Tier 4 visas for students remain available.

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Alice Splinter thought she was going to see a patient. Alice Splinter thought s Little did she know, she’d be seeing her husband. I honestly almost passed out. My knees got a little weak, but I was so happy to see him I just tried to hug him and stand there and take in the moment,” Alice told InsideEdition.

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That apparently makes us especially susceptible to online dating scams. The ACCC, working in concert with the Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce, is getting in touch with Australians it thinks are sending money overseas to scammers, picking them out by tracking international transactions. Image via Shutterstock In an effort to disrupt money flowing from Australians to overseas scammers, the ACCC analyses international transaction data to detect patterns consistent with relationship scam activity and has identified and alerted a number of potential victims.

When the ACCC detects a transaction it believes is fraudulent or represents a potential scam taking place, it will work with the ACFT to determine who that transaction was made by, and send them one of the approximately letter per fortnight it will be mailing out according to the ABC. The letter will contain advice on determining online scams, and a best-practice guide for Aussies to keep their assets and identities safe against potential thieves.

They had given themselves until midnight to get new money or go bankrupt, and time was running out. Germain Lussier 13 Nov 8:

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The three-match ODI series against South Africa may have started with yet another batting shambles, but it ended with a spirited chase as the side continued to trend in the right direction. To suggest Australia will return to winning ways from here may be overly positive considering its batting problems are, at this stage, deeply embedded. Australia failed with the bat in the first two matches, falling short of both times. The hosts made in the first match.

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Share this article Share And it just goes to show, however glamorous and refined racecourse guests are on arrival, there’s a high chance that before the totes have closed for the day a good number will end up letting their inner reveller hang out. Nonetheless, the day’s racing was deemed a resounding success, with Amanda Elliott, vice chairman of the Victoria Racing Club VRC which runs the Melbourne Cup, saying Camilla for one declared she was ‘absolutely delighted’ to be at the race course and ‘could not believe’ the crowds.

A race goer “planks” after the last race at Flemington racecourse Wipe out: It’s tiring work having all this fun Green and pleasant land: The grass at the course was littered with empty alcohol vessels Well-heeled: A race goer adjusts her shoes Guess there’s no hemline rules then! One racegoer with a very short dress enjoys a tipple at the race course Jumping for joy: Camilla clearly enjoyed her day at the races during her first visit to Australia and even had a flutter on one of the favourites, Mount Athos, according to Ms Elliott.

Looks like somebody fell at the first furlong Pole position: One Race goer celebrates with a dance spurred on by her friends Fillies in their finery: Girls don summery frocks and fascinators for the occasion, which was deemed a huge success by organisers Should have gone Gangnam Style: A couple of male guest discard their blazers and demonstrate their best breakdancing moves Party time! Revellers dance as a band plays music at Flemington Racecourse yesterday Bright and breezy:

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I have also heard that French people often refer to Brits as ‘Roast Beefs’ and that Germans used to refer to Italians during the war as ‘Macaronis’. Where then did terms such as ‘Yank’ for American, or ‘Pommies’, as Australians would call Englishmen, come from? In the 17th century it was used as the name for a pirate, so became a term of contempt. Pommy is an abbreviation of pomegranate, or ‘pommygrant’ which ‘rhymes’ with immigrant. Richard Thompson, Allerod Denmark If I read correctly, “Pommies” was a reference to the rosy apple-like cheeks of the second-wave British settlers of Australia.

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