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Seeing white spots like shooting stars ncgirl Member 9 years on site posts I have been debating a LONG time over whether or not I wanted to post this topic but here goes When I am in the shower and usually right after shaving I see these white spots that shoot off in all different directions. It must have something to do with heat and circulation, as I am usually bent over or have my head down shaving before I see them. I don’t get dizzy or anything. If you have had this or have it I would be interested in hearing from you I am going to bring it up at my Duke Clinic appointment on Friday but of course, am curious if any of my forum friends have dealt with this. Thanks, Sign Up or Login to comment. I would talk to your doctor about this problem. I know I can’t bend over very much as I get the dreaded vertigo problem so I have to be careful. This is a good topic and am curious if others have this problem. Eva Member 8 years on site 39 posts Julie, I too have had this on several occasions

Augustus Waters

Try taking shorter baths or showers and using warm not hot water and mild cleansers. The good news in your 60s: From Meryl Streep to Liam Neeson, stars in their 60s are still stunners and action heroes. The reality check in your 60s:

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He is the best friend of Isaac and Hazel Grace’s boyfriend. As with his girlfriend, he suffers from cancer, specifically osteosarcoma. Augustus is described as being tall, very handsome, intelligent, having blue eyes and mahogany hair. He fears oblivion, as he wants to make a mark on the world. He hates the idea of not being able to leave a mark at all, due to his diagnosis of cancer and its later-on terminal attribute. Augustus knew Isaac before the Support Group , the single and sole reason he was there was because he wanted to support Isaac , before undergoing surgery.

Gus succumbed to his cancer on July 2, Gus constantly symbolized the situations at hand. One example is his tendency to put an unlit cigarette in his mouth, something of a trademark of his: Contents [ show ] Appearance Hazel describes Augustus having mahogany hair, bad posture and blue eyes. Augustus is described as well built- seeing as he used to play basketball.


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Visual spectrum This site, closely coupled to The Natures of the Stars and The Hertzsprung- Russell HR Diagram , provides an introduction to the spectra of stars and allied celestial objects. Here we examine the principal way in which astronomers have learned so much about the stars. Spectra has been translated into Romanian. The visual spectrum Pass sunlight through a triangular prism or bounce it off the finely grooved surface of a compact audio disk and see it break merrily into a band of pure sparkling color, its “spectrum,” familiar in the colors of a rainbow, in light glittering from newly fallen snow, in the rings and haloes around a partly- clouded Sun and Moon, in the flash of a cut diamond, and in so many other facets of nature.

The classic colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet connect in a seemingly infinite number of shades, one blending smoothly into the next. Together they constitute the “visual spectrum” or “optical spectrum” because it is the part of the full spectrum that is seen with the human eye. The rainbow is a natural spectrum caused by the refraction and reflection of sunlight through raindrops, and shows that sunlight consists of a continuous run – – a continuum — of colors from red to violet.

Note the fainter outer bow caused by double reflections inside the raindrops. Kaler Extending the light: Most of the energy of the Universe is transported in this way, by radiation. The visual spectrum of light, however, is but a tiny portion of the whole picture, of a huge spectrum of radiation that extends in both directions from the edges of the rainbow. If with superhuman eyes you could see beyond red, you would encounter the “infrared” — felt as heat on the skin — which would merge gradually into the familiar “radio” portion of the spectrum.

Shorter than violet you would see the ultraviolet, that which gives us tans and sunburns, and then you would encounter much more dangerous X-ray radiation and finally deadly gamma rays.

Seeing white spots (like shooting stars)

Even when we close our eyes, they are active. They are buzzing with the metabolism and regeneration of visual pigments. You can think of it as the TV not being shut off, but changed to a fuzzy picture. You close your eyes and right before you fall asleep, you notice something; a twinkling, swirling pattern of stars and colors producing a make-shift light show on the inside of your closed eyelids.

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How Do I Treat Them? Light is crucial for vision. It bounces off objects and enters your eyes , which allows you to see. Halos are bright circles that surround a light source, like headlights. Glare is light that enters your eye and interferes with your vision.

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Should You Be Worried If You See Stars When You Sneeze?

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It is most probably not your imagination; you are probably experiencing it. Vitreous floaters are usually perceived as spots. The vitreous is the clear liquid that fills the eye. It is jelly-like, almost like clear gelatin. The Normal Eye The human eye is like a hollow globe filled with fluid. Behind the lens, and filling all the posterior portion of the eye, is the Vitreous Humor.

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